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Sky Secretarial v

Sky Sec handles all the administrative functions relating to the running of a company secretarial practice.
What is more Sky Sec forms an integral part of the professional automated office and is fully integrated with Sky Time and Sky Tax.
The Software philosophy is consistent throughout the program.  Once you know how to work with one aspect of the program you will be able to operate all levels of Sky Sec or any of the other products in the series.
It is important to note that the client details are shared by all the applications in the Sky Software Series.
File Maintenance files contain permanent information about your Sky Sec clients.  There are also transaction files which are used to process daily secretarial transactions which update the various registers and produce the forms required.
The video below gives a basic training of Accfin Sky Sec and what you need to know to get started.
In order to see information about beneficial ownership go to Sky Sec Shareholders Overview.
Secretarial Practitioners when they take on the work of attending to the secretarial work its imperitive to have a signed mandate which in many instances has to be uploaded to the CIPC. For more information on the Mandate
25 October 2023