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Sky Sec Mandate Required

The guidance offered by the CIPC says that where the Secretarial Practitioner sends a mandate to the client for signature in order to do the function of secretarial practitoner, the mandate must be on the clients letterhead. This will be very difficult to organise our lengthy educational mandate which protects the practitioner against risk. Most smaller businesses don’t have a letterhead. This will impose a huge amount of extra burden on each form.
The CIPC guidance allows a directors resolution which is what we must take advantage of. We must therefor front end our mandate with the directors resolution.
On Sec>Formation> Meetings section add new and this screen indicated below will pop up, select number 1 for the Director's header and number 100 for the new resolution added and ok
The resolution will be generated, on the report icon select Resolution and preview the resolution.
For the Notice of Meeting, you will also do the same thing but make sure you highlight notice and print Notice of meeting.
When submitting the mandate to the CIPC make sure it is front ended by the directors resolution.
25 October 2023