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Provisional Tax

One of the main features of Sky Tax  is the processing of Provisional Tax,  calculating, producing IRP6 forms, letters, emails and invoices to clients.  Sky Tax  Software always conforms to the requirements of legislation and SARS Policy.  Accfin ’s technical team always ensures that we are up to date taking into account the latest legislation and tax practice .
Provisional Tax is now done totally on an electronic basis and Sky Tax interacts with the SARS eFiling system. In fact this is the only efficient way of doing it.
Running a tax practice today is fraught with difficulty and risk as the penalties imposed by SARS are onerous and the rewards are reducing because of the time everything takes.  By understanding the system and following the correct procedures you will be reducing and managing your risk accordingly and improving your profits.
Sky Tax covers all three Provisional Tax payments plus as many additional Top Up payments as required at any point in time.
It is important to ensure that all the necessary data has been entered before the Provisional Tax process is carried out.  The system has built-in checks to ensure that all clients who require Provisional Tax processing are actually processed. 
The principals in procedure discussed here are the same for all methods.  We will point out the differences where applicable between the methods.
In fact Sky Tax will run the whole provisional tax process from within the software with out having to go on to the e-filing website other than generating the payment.
4 July 2023