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Auto Assessments

Go into IT12’s screen as indicated below and create the global page for all tax returns first by clicking on Generate Tax Return Page. The screen below is before the page is created - note the codes are orange as the page has not been created.
After you have processed the the Generate Tax Return Page option the screen will look like the one below. Note the codes have turned black and the status has changed to CREATED.
2023 Reminder on how auto assessments worked last year
Previously SARS used to mark the return as auto assessed and you could then go and either accept the assessment or reject it.
Since last year, SARS does a full assessment and if you are not happy with it you need to request and submit a correction within 40 days.
This year it works the same except that they have extended the 40 days to be the length of the normal tax season i.e 24th October 2023
So on the SkyTax the following applies.
1.     The function to check for Auto-assessment does not apply anymore as they are not marked as auto assessed any more.
2.     After opening the 2023  page please run a global retrieve.
3.     Please run an update status/ check for assessment to download any assessment that has been issued
4.     If there are no retrieval dates the system will mark them as AUTO ASSESSED
5.     This needs to be done everyday as SARS are issuing the Auto assessments in batches.
6.     Once the assessments have been retrieved and you know which ones are auto assessed you can request corrections for the ones that need to be corrected, as per normal.
Then go to the function wheel and Refresh SARS Correspondance /Download Assessments
This will bring down all the individuals assessments where no tax return has been filed and change the status on those auto assessed to AUTO ASSESSED After the retrieval The following screen will display after the Status filter has been set to AUTO ASSESSED.
By requesting a correction the status will change to correction which should be done on the Sky Tax  eFiling tab as indicated below.
The next day  retrieve the Auto Assessed returns and the status will change to CORR-REC.
6 July 2023